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Misconception No. 1: Financial Planning is about making investments to earn maximum returns.
Misconception No. 2: Financial planning is relevant only to high-income group. This is partly due to the approach most financial advisors use to push financial products, which are either highly risky or lack transparency, to earn maximum commissions.

Financial Planning, however, is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. It is relevant to every individual irrespective of income-level as everyone will have goals in life.

Our services cover all areas of Personal Finance to address every goal in your life

Financial Health Check

Personalized assessment using our propriety tool to determine your current financial position.

Expense Management

Assessment of your spending pattern, prioritization of your needs and benchmarking to drive savings.

Investment Guidance

Unbiased guidance to help you invest your savings in right places without getting influenced by agents/brokers.


Property Planning

Services to assist property identification, legal due-diligence, documentation and registration.

Income Tax Planning

Income Tax Planning Personalized income tax planning, tax saving guidance, returns preparation and income tax filing.

Risk Cover/Insurance

Advice on risk coverage for your family with right level of insurance at a minimum premium.

Our Approach

We at InvestoPlanner, follow a 360 degree holistic approach by leveraging our unique tools, techniques and expertise to ensure that you accomplish your goals in life. Because at the end of the day, we are rooting for you.

Our process starts with assessing your current financial status. We leverage our unique financial health-check tool to evaluate your current financial health. Once we determine your financial status, we help you set key financial goals for life. Life goals can include saving for retirement, planning for children higher education, buying a house, repayment of past debt, international vacation.
Based on your current financial status and desired goals to achieve, we partner with you throughout your journey to financial success. we prepare a plan and provide a direction on what you must do to meet your goals. This includes short term and long term assistance in the following key areas:

  • Drive Savings - Maximizing savings is key for financial success and we help you to improve your savings by optimal expenses management.
  • Informed Investments - Savings should be invested in right products at right time. We provide unbiased guidance on the top investment options for your unique needs. We protect you from fraudulent investment products and mis-selling by financial agents and brokers.
  • Tax Planning - All your earnings, savings and investments are subject to income tax laws and we help in planning your income tax to reduce the tax burden.

In addition, we review the plan periodically to check the progress and alter the recommendations, if needed, as your life changes.

Our Pricing

We have a flexible engagement model and offer different levels of services to meet your unique needs. You can engage with us for any of your individual needs or for end-to-end requirements.

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